Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its Garden time!!

We have decided to give the garden another try.  Our first year was amazing!!  Then the drought in Texas started.  We planted year 2 and we lost it all....well I think that we might have harvested enough green beans for a meal or 2 but that was it.  We fought until the bitter end...spending hours and hours and hours watering it.  The Texas heat (one of the hottest on record) was just too much for it and we had to quit.  It was hard to take that loss...yes its only our garden and not our livelihood but it was still hard to let it go.  Year 2 was such a dissappointment that we didn't even try in year 3, plus we were still in the middle of a drought.
Year 4 appears to be pattern seems to be alot like it was our first year. So we are giving it a shot!! Now this isn't your normal backyard we like to do it up BIG!!  So far we have planted 5 80ft rows of sweet corn, 12 20ft rows of green beans (3 varieties), 5 25ft rows of black eyed peas, 5 25ft rows purple hull (cream peas), and about 15 mounds of zucchini done. We got a good steady rain on Tuesday so hopefully we will see some sprouts by early next week.  Still have a lot to get into the ground!!  But this is a great start!!

Kids and their friends helping pull the weeds out.

Green beans planted on the right and left of this path, along with blackeyed peas and cream peas

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