Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kinder Rodeo Days

Last Friday was Rodeo Days for the Kindergarteners!!  Zachary counted down the days until he could go to school dressed like a cowboy!!  Ya know boots are one of his favorite things to wear, so boots and a the boy was in heaven!  They played lots of cowboy games and ate cowboy food--a good ol hot dog and cactus juice.  They even ate some real cactus later that afternoon. 
He really wanted to wear Pa's hat....I really wanted him to as well, but I was soooo afraid of someone mistreating it.  So we opted for Daddy's well used and abused hat.  I can't tell you how many of the teachers stopped me and told me how much they LOVED his hat!!

Watch out ladies....he is gonna be a killer cowboy!!

Don't ya just wanna grab those cheeks?!?!!

He came home and know all he has talked about is wanting a horse.  Maybe one day we will have a horse up here again.....honestly I miss having one here.....

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